About Us

Our concept is simple and underserved. We make clothing that people can rally around; uniquely American clothing that matters. Our designs aren't patriotic or Americana, but they capture the essence and influence of American culture and advocacy. They are the common things that we all take for granted, yet are the things that make us who we are as Americans.

The idea stated during a difficult and overwhelming time in our lives. When cancer hits your mother, you begin to put things into perspective. Common Interest Clothing ownersAlthough we struggled to handle the circumstances, we tried to remain positive and support her as much as possible. Something as simple as a conversation over a glass of wine went a long way. As we sought out a decent looking shirt to show our continued support, we soon realized nothing with style and substance was available. We figured others had the same challenge. Let's be honest, we wanted a shirt without running a 5K race! And with that, our "Joanne" design was created. At the same time, we could not escape the daily reminders that we're all so far apart on what we think is best for our country. We have liberal views, conservative views, and everything in between. It's certainly healthy to have different perspectives, but the polarization of our country has reached a tipping point. We want our clothing to embrace what we all have in common; caring, giving back, a sense of community, and our cultural contributions to this crazy world. Let's get back to appreciating the simple things. 

We hope you will join our Common Interest Clothing community!

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Cleveland, OH, USA